Activity Explorer

A Free Connectorfor Google Data Studio

Powered by Strava

Take control of your strava data

Activity Explorer for Google Data Studio let’s you explore your Strava activity data weather you are using the pre-built report template or leverage your own Data Studio skills to create your custom views on your activities.

The current version has over 40 metrics, dimensions or calculated fields available that help you to gain more insight of your actvities.

And the best part: it is absolutely free.

access your report

Google Data Studio is free to use. But because you will be the owner of your own report, you will need a Google account. Of course you will also need to log into your Strava account.

We will show you below how this works, but rest assured, the connector won’t store your Strava data. Refer to our privacy policy for more details.

Access the connector by clicking the link below. Connect with Strava
Click on “Authorise” to allow Data Studio to use this connector and follow the steps.
Click on “Authorise” to allow the connector to use your Strava data.
Click on “Connect”
Turn on “Community Visualizations”.
And finally create your report.


You are now ready to explore your activities and use Data Studio to extent the report.